Melissa Bajwa headshotAt around 3 years of age you can safely give your child a pillow. As a parent we worry about everything we give to our children, so what is a safe pillow to give to your toddler/pre-schooler?  What features should you look for?  The Robot and Dinosaur pillow takes the worry out of this decision as it a safe option for children. 

I was very excited for my 3-year-old daughter to try the Robot and Dinosaur pillow which is made with Canadian buckwheat hulls. Once we opened the box she could not stop saying… “Thank you mommy” and cuddling up with it.  There was also a handwritten note in the box thanking me and hoping my little one liked the pillow as much as they liked making it. I thought this was a nice personable touch. The pillow was pink with colourful animals on it, which I am sure is the reason she fell in love with it. The pillows comes in 9 different designs and additional pillow cases are available.   

Some of the features I noticed right away was that it had a removable cover for easy washing, and a hidden zipper which is important so you don’t have buckwheat hulls all over your house. (Come on we have all seen the YouTube videos of the toddler throwing pillow feathers everywhere). The pillow is firmer than your average synthetic pillow which gives your little one the head support they need. It is made in Canada with Canadian materials and, due to being filled with Buckwheat hulls, it does not attract mites and bugs. 

My daughter commented that it kept her cool at night which is another great benefit of using this pillow; it doesn’t retain heat and is breathable. She appeared to like the pillow and it tends to move around our house as she also uses it during the day when she is playing and looking at books. 

I would recommend this product for children who are transitioning to a pillow as it will give parents the peace of mind and its fun design will put a smile on their toddlers face.