Shannin Wilson HeadshotBedtime for my 3-year-old son is a delicate balance between the perfect environment and an unchanging routine. He has never been a good sleeper and transitioning him from crib-to-toddler bed-to big boy bed has been a stressful and labour intensive process.

This makes it hard to want to change or add anything about bedtime. So I was sceptical about the addition of his Robot & Dinosaur toddler pillow. I also wondered if buckwheat hulls could possibly be comfortable? I was pleased to find out they are!

The pillow is similar in size to a standard cereal box and is perfect for his little toddler head. The size of the pillow allows him to carry it around with ease and the removable outer cover is easy to keep clean and smelling fresh. For these reasons and more he loves his Robot and Dinosaur pillow and treats it like a comforting friend.

As a mom there are a few other things I like about Robot and Dinosaur. Their products are safe, hypoallergenic, made-in-Canada, and have environmental sustainability in mind. The pillows would be excellent for anyone with allergies and the nursing pillows are a great idea for new moms who want to keep those precious new-borns away from chemicals and allergens.

As a bonus there are a number of cute prints available for their pillows. The packaging of the pillow and their labels are well-thought out and a nice touch. This product is truly unique!