Elyse Murray HeadshotFirst off, I just want to say I absolutely love the Maternity & Nursing pillow by Robot & Dinosaur.

When I first received this I thought to myself will I use this? Its different from the original nursing pillow that I used with my son five years ago. Well, I use this as a nursing pillow everyday all day. I don’t even go for the “original” nursing pillow. It’s absolutely perfect to lay beside me in bed and nurse my daughter at all times of the day/night or to simply put across my body while I am sitting up in a chair. 

Not only is it good for my newborn but also for me as a mom who just had my second C-section. Anyone who has had one knows how difficult it is to get up and down or to lay on your side. With the pillow, it gives me support at night and allows me to be propped up a bit to make sleeping more comfortable. With the buckwheat hulls inside, it hugs your body and forms to how you want it to stay.

I would highly recommend this pillow to any nursing moms it has made things a lot easier for me and I am sure will continue to.