Kate Ceci HeadshotThe Robot and Dinosaur Nursing Pillow with the Organic Cover is unlike any nursing pillow I have ever used before.

I received this pillow to test with my second child. I also nursed my first, and probably bought about 4 different pillows to use with him; I wish I had known about this one.

The fabric on the nursing pillow is so soft against my newborn’s very sensitive skin, and the buckwheat hulls keep her face cool while nursing. Another feature, which I love about this nursing pillow, is that the buckwheat hulls are removable. I am quite petite, and I have found that many nursing pillows lay my child too high on my body. With this one I was able to remove some of the hulls to customize the height to make it perfect for my daughter and I.

The only downfall of this pillow is that the buckwheat hulls do make the pillow quite heavy, but I can look past that because of all of the positives this pillow has to offer.

This is a fantastic nursing pillow. It would be great for anyone nursing now, or as a gift for a new mom.