Shannin Wilson HeadshotWhen I received the news that I would be testing out the robot and dinosaur pillow I was overjoyed.

Being a new mom of two and adjusting to nursing with a 3-year-old running around was a challenge, but this pillow made it a lot easier.

Previously having nursed my now 3-year-old when she was a newborn, I found the large pillows uncomfortable and hard to manuvere but now nursing my almost 4-month-old; well this pillow surely made it a lot easier and comfortable!

It was amazing how comfortable the buckwheat filling was to rest on my lap or even on my bed when nursing laying down. I also loved how I could utilize the pillow in between my legs while sleeping; the comfort of the pillow was great in many areas of my life. I found the weight of the product very appealing as well!

This product was also extremely easy to wash which is an added bonus in an already busy household. I was able to unzip the cover throw it in the wash and go on with the rest of my day.

I will definitely recommend this pillow to the many moms I know. It made nursing enjoyable, relaxing, and comfortable.