Stefanie Knights headshotBeing an exclusive breastfeeding mother, comfort for both baby and myself is important. My baby girl gets very warm during feeds and having a newborn through the summer months can make feeds even warmer.

The Robot and Dinosaur Maternity & Nursing Pillow keeps me and baby cool during feeds due to the buckwheat hulls filling. The filling also allows me to easily adjust the pillow during feeds to ensure my daughter is it the best position for each feed. There’s no awkward buckle or support behind my back so I can comfortably lean back into the rocker or seat that I’m using during a feed which makes for happy comfortable feeds every time.

The simple design with one zipper makes washing the pillow’s cover easy and convenient for babies like mine who tend to spit up quite a bit after each feed.  The pillow’s cover design fits nicely with my baby’s room’s decor and actually stimulates her as she is always trying to play with the pattern.

Additional functions of the pillow are an added bonus. I have used the pillow to prop up my growing baby up as she practices some tummy time and even learning to sit on her own. The pillow conforms to various shapes due to the buckwheat hulls filling and is soft against my baby’s body. 

I wish I had this pillow earlier and during pregnancy. I was often uncomfortable and hot when trying to sleep during pregnancy (who wasn’t?!) and adding pillows to prop up my belly or legs made it warmer and most of the time more uncomfortable. The Robot and Dinosaur Maternity & Nursing Pillow’s cooling effect and contouring ability would have made sleeping during pregnancy much more comfortable.

Overall, the Robot and Dinosaur Maternity & Nursing Pillow is a simple design with multiple benefits and I couldn’t be happier with it.