Crystal Jardine HeadshotWe love our Portuguese blanket by i am baby. Shipping was efficient and the packaging it came in was beautiful.  It would make a great gift on its own or as an addition to a baby gift basket or a topper for a diaper cake.

My hubby and I were thrilled to see the Portugal flag throughout the blanket. The, i am baby, Portuguese blanket is 100% muslin organic cotton. The proof is in the lightweight, breathable, and incredibly soft product. It is perfect to swaddle your little one in regardless of what clothing they are wearing underneath. I was never worried that my infant would overheat. Furthermore, the i am baby, Portuguese blanket is big, so if you’re not familiar with the perfect swaddling technique (like me) no need to worry you will be able to make it work! The i am baby, Portuguese blanket is versatile. I also used it while nursing. It was  great at maintaining a breathable atmosphere for my baby to enjoy her meal.

I was a bit nervous about washing the blanket because the colours are so bright, I thought for sure they would bleed. To my surprise, after being washed, the blanket is bright white where it is supposed to be and the flags are vibrant with no bleeding of the colour.

I will definitely be purchasing the i am baby blankets as gifts for all my  soon to be mommy friends!