Elyse Murray HeadshotI can not say enough good things about the “i am baby” receiving blanket.

First off, I want to say how soft the i am baby swaddle blanket is; yet so light weight unlike all other cotton receiving blankets and swaddle blankets. My newborn is 11-weeks-old and is so hard to get to sleep to begin with but needs to be swaddled tight each night before she will even fall asleep. All of our regular receiving blankets were too warm for her or she was able to wiggle herself right out of them.

Each night this was a challenge until we received the i am baby swaddle blanket. Let me tell you it has been a life saver and I have asked family to order more for her for Christmas this year.

The i am baby swaddle blanket is also very fashionable and represents our country which in itself is amazing. I have recommended this to many of my friends who are moms already and will continue to.

These will also make great baby shower gifts. What a great product!