Girl drinking from bottleTransitioning  from a bottle to a cup is a significant stage in your child’s development. Not only does it give them increased independence, it can prevent damage to their teeth from  both sugary drinks and milk.

It may take a while for your toddler to take to their sipppy cup after being weaned off the bottle, so it is important to ensure they get adequate nutrition from their drinks & solids at this time. I always encourage clients to try and increase solids prior to the transition as a toddler will often cut out their milk altogether why weaning and come back to it at a later time.

A sippy cup with two handles will make it easier for them to hold.

Once they are confident drinking from a lidded sippy cup by around 1 year, you can introduce them to a cup as they grow.  Expect refusal, a complete meltdown even,; these kind of  changes don’t come with smiles. Some on the other hand, accept the change and move on easily.

Make the transition fun, allow them to become part of the pouring of the milk in to the cup, it truly goes a long way and you would not believe just how much nicer the milk tastes as they assisted in the pouring of it!

You are going to cave and give in to the whining and tantrums for the bottle to be returned if you have access to them, so remove the bottles from the house. Stand firm and the process will run smoothly and be over quickly.

I sometimes wonder if you as a parent prolong the bottle transition as its  also means that you have to accept that your baby is growing up. However like any transition, the longer you leave it, the harder it can become to remove it.

There will always be other special moments but none can take the place of  those early bonding moments shared over a bottle feed, your baby is growing.