Crystal Jardine HeadshotI received my Rocking Blanket by mail and when I pulled it out my initial thought was that it was very soft and the colour was beautiful followed by, oh my, not another wrap to get myself tangled in!

I was very pleased to find a video on, and after watching it I quickly realized how easy it was going to be to put the Rocking Blanket to use.  I was also very surprised to see how many different ways I could utilize the Rocking Blanket.

My little one loves to be rocked to sleep all snuggled up in a blanket; she could easily sleep the day away in my arms but the second I put her down she wakes. I believe this is in part due to having to readjust her so much to get the blanket out from around her.  The Rocking Blanket  helps  ease my baby from my arms and into the crib. I don’t have to fumble around to get the Rocking Blanket off of my baby and my baby doesn’t startle. The transition from my arms to the crib has become much easier and much more successful.

I used the Rocking Blanket while I fed as my baby has become very easily distracted.  I appreciated the arm attachment as it helped to soak up her head sweat and was also made out of a very breathable material.  I love the idea of the removable fabric that can act as a wipe if baby spits up a bit which, because it is removable, I can just wash that part in the sink, hang to dry, and it is good to be used again in no time.

I tried out the Rocking Blanket as a car seat cover and it worked perfectly.  The material is stretchy and breathable but it keeps the light out very nicely.  If you tie it right, you can pull it right over and the wind will definitely not be able to blow it around.

I have really enjoyed the Rocking Blanket thus far and I know it will continue to be of great use for a long time to come.  I would highly recommend the Rocking Blanket to anyone who is expecting as well as anyone who has just had a baby, Happy Rocking!