Elyse Murray HeadshotUpon receiving the Rocking Blanket, I couldn’t believe how soft it was.

The material that was used along with the colour selections just made the blanket not only useful but also stylish.

My baby girl is 5-months-old and has to be rocked to sleep no matter where we are. As a bonus she loves to be nursed and rocked to sleep. With this product I am able to do both. I have used the Rocking Blanket not just at home but even at the hospital when my son had to get x-rays done and my husband was at work. I was able to nurse my baby right in the hallway.

Also, not that this Rocking Blanket was meant to be worn as a scarf, BUT my daughter spit up all over me at my in laws. Of course, I didn’t bring an extra shirt but I was able to use the Rocking Blanket as a scarf to cover up the mark on my shirt. This only made me fall more in love with the product.

I cannot wait for the spring/summer weather to arrive to be able to use this blanket more. It is so versatile, soft and, most of all useful. Which I find a lot of baby’s products tend to just sit in your closet and not be used. I would recommend this product to anyone with a baby.