My past few weeks of trying out the Rocking Blanket, has been something of pure enjoyment.

As a first time mom to a now 4-month-old baby girl, I have found it to have a lot of little key helpful points and usages. I  liked to use the sleeve part so my daughter’s head has something to rest against other then my skin.  The convenient little mouth wiper has been so amazing, no need to be looking around in a state of emergency.

My favourite part of the Rocking Blanket is how easy it is to transfer her in the crib. We all know a sleeping baby is important, so gently placing her down with out needing to roll a blanket out makes for better transfer to crib without waking her.

This is one great mom tool for all of us. I would recommend or even purchase the Rocking Blanket as a baby shower gift in future to my friends.