Marissa Arnold HeadshotWe received our Rocking Blanket just in time for our first vacation with our 9-month-old baby boy.

I decided that I was going to bring it with me through the airport and on the plane to give it a good test.

The Rocking Blanket did not disappoint.  This blanket was a great option to keep baby snuggled up and warm on our flights, since the plane tended to get cold.  It was much easier to carry along the Rocking Blanket rather than bring a big, bulky blanket.  When baby woke up, it was very easy to unwrap him and we were not left tangled in a sea of blanket.  It was comfortable for me to wear too.

The Rocking Blanket was also great for nursing in the busy airport since it kept us both covered, without overheating.

We did not use the Rocking Blanket as a car seat cover, but did use it to cover the carrier while baby was sleeping.  It easily kept him from being distracted by all the sights and sounds in the airport.

I do wish that the removable spit up cloth was a bit thicker though since the spit up tended to absorb through the cloth and onto the blanket.

Overall, I would recommend the Rocking Blanket as a great option for someone looking for a multi-purpose baby blanket since it takes several different items and combines them into one, easy to use blanket