Stefanie Knights headshotWhen I first received my Rocking Blanket, I’ll admit I was slightly intimidated.

There seems to be a lot of fabric and various folds and straps.

However, shortly after reviewing the tutorial on the back of the packaging, it was very clear  to see how the blanket worked and it was easy use.

The fabric is very soft and lightweight so my daughter could cuddle right in and it wasn’t too hot for me rocking her since you do wear a portion of the blanket like a sleeve while rocking your baby. The blanket really does have it all, from a strap that can be used as a spit up cloth or to clip on a pacifier, to the ability to be used as a nursing cover up, car seat cover, carrier cover, etc.  It will become your go to blanket at home and on the go.

The fabric washes well and is thin enough that it folds up compact to take anywhere. I loved the size of the blanket as my daughter became quite curious while nursing in public so I didn’t have to worry about exposing myself when she wanted to move around. I think the most use I got however was as a carrier cover because of its size and stretch of the blanket. I’ve yet to master transferring my baby from the blanket to the crib using the blanket but I’m sure with a bit more practice I’ll become a pro.