Babies learn early how their mommy feels and what she smells like, and that leads to one of the most common traps parents fall into.
Your little bundle of joy nods off after a feeding in the arms, and don’t you just love snuggling up with baby! I know I do. For many that’s where your  baby stays for their nap, then the same happens with their second nap, and any other naps throughout the day, then suddenly you can’t put your baby down, even for a bathroom break!

I have many clients that couldn’t put their baby down for a second, so they allowed their babies to sleep in their arms. After awhile my clients would try to put their babies in the crib, but their babies were just not having it!

Holding your baby all day can lead to all sorts of issues, and possibly delay motor skills. Around  2-3 months you should try various gentle exercises to help your baby become more comfortable with being placed down in a rocking chair, on a floor mat for tummy time, and in their crib or bassinet.

Let’s make the crib more welcoming.

Let’s face it, to make the crib like moms arms is impossible but you can try a few other things to make the transition from arms to crib a little easier.

Moms smell

Sleep with the crib sheet for a few nights so it takes on your smell. Some experts suggest allowing your baby to sleep with your clothing. I am inclined to think your baby may pull that clothing item over their face and lead to devastating consequences.

The Transition
One reason a baby gets upset when you try to transition them to the crib is the drastic change in temperature from the warmth of your body to a cold crib sheet! Can you use a good old fashion water bottle to warm the sheet and slip it away prior to placing your baby in it? 

If your baby still protests, stand beside the crib for a few minutes with your hand on their tummy to soothe her, make sure this is not consistent, step away and once she fusses for a few more minutes, step forward and try again. The more you work on short intervals into the crib, the easier it will become over time.

Rocking baby to sleep and placing them in the crib is another option to transfer your baby to the crib. However, your baby needs to be in a deep sleep to be placed in the crib without waking. Your baby  may only get 2-3 hours of sleep in the crib before they wake again. It’s all progress and hard work but if you continue it pays off.

If your baby wakes as you place them in the crib, try doing a gentle mattress press – bounce, or place your hand on their tummy, tap their bum, whatever their prefrence.

Scheduling naps helps your babies internal sleep rhythm which makes the crib transition a little bit easier. Correcting milk feeds by scheduling is also imperative to ” The Gift of Sleep!

Clients who require my help, with sleep & transitioning to the crib, are required to do this method prior to moving on to other methods as it helps ease the final transition to follow.