Marissa Arnold HeadshotOur Munching Monster Chewelery Chewie Clip could not have come at a better time.  Our baby has just sprouted his first tooth! While this new little tooth is very cute, it does come with the need to chew EVERYTHING.

The Munching Monster Chewelery Chewie Clip definitely satisfies this need, as it provides different shapes and textures for Bane to chew on.

The clip we received is very colourful, with different shaped silicone beads and a cute silicone elephant on the end. The elephant can be removed and a pacifier added if you like. I find it very gender neutral because of the various colours, so this is definitely an item we will be keeping for the next addition to our family.

I do wish the clip on the Chewie Clip was a bit more robust, however, because our 11-month-old son easily rips it off of his car seat strap, and launches it on the ground.

Overall, we are lovers of the Munching Monster Chewelery Chewie Clip. It not only satisfies the need to chew, but is also a fun play toy. My only suggestion would be to create a stiffer Clip, so the Chewie Clip stays on better.