Elyse Murray HeadshotI was so impressed with the Munching Monster Chewlery!

I received an elephant one that allowed my daughter to put the trunk of the elephant in her mouth without being too big. She is 6-months-old and absolutely loves to have control over everything.

We have a soother clip for her soother, but it continued to fall off constantly. I thought to myself, ” what is the point of this if it does not even stay attached?” Well, we decided to detach the elephant when we were out one day, and I used it as a soother clip as well. It never falls off her shirt/coat whatever she is wearing. Now we swap them on and off.

She already loves chewing everything, once she starts teething I will be sure to order more of the Munching Monster Chewlery. It is so stylish as well and versatile. The Munching Monster Chewlery is also so easy to wash I just throw it in with all her bottles when I am washing them at night. I would recommend this to any parent with a child especially one who is teething. Such a great product!

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