Ashleigh ScottMy daughter started using the, Munching Monster Chewlery: at four months, and absolutely adores it.  When I initially received the, Munching Monster Chewlery, I was nervous as there are beads on a string, “choking hazard, right?”   Upon looking over the, Munching Monster Chewlry, I was confident that there would be no issues.  There are knots between every bead to ensure that the beads stay put.   I was happy to read that the, Munching Monster Chewlery is made from food grade silicone and free from BPA, lead, Cadmium, phthlates, PVC and mercury.  Straight out of the package there is no chemical smell or taste, I did put it in my mouth without washing it.

We are using the Elephant Chewie Clip, it is very nice to be able to remove the elephant to be used separately.  My daughter at four months didn’t really have enough strength to hold the whole thing.  She is approaching six months now and we use the entire Munching Monster Chewlery, in fact I don’t leave home without.  I have put the Munching Monster Chewlery in the frezzer to help aid in the pain she suffers while teething.  The clip used to attach the Munching Monster Chewlery is very sturdy, I think that it will be a long while before she will be able to get it off her clothes on her own.  It is also nice to know that, “Munching Monster Chewlery’ is easily washable, either by hand or in the dishwasher.  The best thing is you don’t have to be worried about mold growing on any of the Chewlery.  Water or saliva cannot get hidden crevices, because there are none. 

The colours are beautiful, bright and stylish. The Munching Monster Chewlery is also very suitable/stylish for Mom or Dad to wear.  I have clipped the, Munching Monster Chewlery to my shirt on more than one occasion.  I forget that it is there, I run out to the store without my daughter and only realize I am wearing it once a stranger asks about it.  I would say that it has made for a great conversations. 

I would rate the, Munching Monster Chewlery a 10 out of 10.  It is stylish, chemical free, safe and it definitely serves as a great teething toy.  A must have for anybody with teething monsters!

Ashleigh Scott is an internationally renowned full-figured model, makeup artist and stylist with over two decades of experience in the fashion industry. With a background in improv comedy and a natural ease on camera, she has easily transitioned to live TV where she has been featured as a beauty and style expert on numerous networks including Rogers TV, W Network, and Slice. Ashleigh’s trademark wit and warmth bring a refreshing energy to lifestyle television where she has covered a variety of topics from wearable fashion trends to the latest and greatest baby gear.

Balancing a freelance career and motherhood has given Ashleigh a unique perspective and insight into what busy women value when it comes to lifestyle and beauty products.

She believes we shouldn’t take ourselves too seriously and fashion should not only be affordable but fun as well. Her segments reflect her down to earth approach to style combined with a keen eye for great deals. Ashleigh’s main goal is to inspire women to embrace their own unique beauty with passion and humour.