Jennifer Battah My son, who is now one, has been teething since he was two-months-old. Feeling like we’ve exhausted all options, we were extremely thrilled to find out we would receive the Munching Monster Chewlery teether for product testing.

In the past week alone, he has sprouted three more teeth. Needless to say, the Munching Monster Chewlery teether could not have come at a better time.

From the soft elephant teether, to the chunky beads (and even the clip), he will chew on all parts of the Munching Monster Chewlery for what feels like hours at a time.

We love to put it teether in the freezer because it’s not too cold for him to handle, and the coolness provides extra relief for his sore gums.

The beads and pendant are food grade silicone and are free of harsh chemicals and metals, keeping mom and dad happy and worry-free.

My favourite part about the Munching Monster Chewlery teether is how easy is to clip on everything – his clothes, his exersaucer, his playpen, his car seat, and even his changing pad. Wherever he is, you can bet his Munching Monster Chewlery teether isn’t too far away.

I highly recommend this A+ product to all moms and dads for their teething monsters.