When you hear your baby’s cry, it might just mean that he’s mildly frustrated or settling in his sleep. Checking on him can make the problem worse, especially if he wasn’t awake to begin with.

I have been a sleep consultant for 35 years and in that time I have heard the strangest noises when a baby is putting themselves to sleep! 

Babies that wake and try to put themselves back to sleep on waking often moan and grumble. When your baby first cries out in the night, he may simply be shifting in his sleep. Watch him on your monitor. Is he moving around? Perhaps this is his way of  looking to settle. He may go back to sleep on his own

Babies often stir from a light sleep anywhere between 20-45 minutes into a nap then move into a deeper sleep. I have witnessed many parents pick up their babies at that light sleep which prevents the baby being able to move into the deeper sleep cycle.

Between 3 and  4-months-old, allowing your baby to fuss for a few minutes, allows your baby to see if they have the ability to put themselves back to sleep; it’s a learning curve for them and left for a few minutes they often do go back to sleep.

It’s never easy to hear a baby cry or fuss, however it’s the only way your baby knows how to communicate with you. It doesn’t always mean your baby is in pain, or discomfort. Your baby could be in need of fussing a little in order to go back to sleep.

Remind yourself that teaching your baby to nap and sleep through the night for long stretches, is good for him. It creates good sleep habits, and a baby that sleeps well, makes for a happy baby, happy family!