Baby girl sleeping on rug1. From Distractions, to Calm 

Babies need to wind down, just like you. So start getting into a calm mode, dim the lights, and turn off the TV about 30 minutes before bed.

2. Scheduling

Choose scheduled activities, like a bath or book to do each night. This sends a strong message that sleep time is approaching. If feeding is part of that routine, do it first so baby doesn’t come to depend on breast, bottle, or milk to fall asleep. Put her to bed when she’s obviously drowsy, but still awake.

3. Drown out noise

A simple noise machine is comforting but if you don’t have one, switch on a fan in the bathroom, it will help drown out noise and you won’t have to whisper the rest of the night!

4. Darken the room

Close the curtains, the room needs to be very dark. If  light is peeping in through the sides, get it sorted! Light can hinder a good night’s sleep.  Our brains tells us that when we see light it’s time to wake and when it’s dark, sleep. Try to get blackouts or hang a cover over the blinds to create a very dark room. Babies sleep better in a dark room.

5. Stick with it

Put your baby to bed at the same time and with the same routine each night. You can have a baby sleeping through the night by starting good sleep habits early. I know this as I coach and teach this  practice often with many clients, and sleep training is never needed.

6.Give his bedtime routine a makeover

No more tickle toes! No more dad throwing him up in the air. It all makes for good belly laughing, not so much for good sleep!  Let’s look at  a few alternatives that will help him get into that sleepy mode. A massage, a soft lullaby, or story time is a must. Give a  pass on the ipad or TV time as it is stimulating and makes it harder to fall asleep. Babies pick up on your moods, so try to chill out, keep calm. If you’re stressed, your baby picks up on it.