Whether you are learning how to help your infant sleep through the night or you personally need some coaching on how to get better sleep, I want to help you implement a better nights sleep into your household; preferably before it reaches the stage where you’re so sleep deprived no one dares to speak to you or you could burst into tears if anyone so much as looks at you!

Let’s take a look at some possible reasons your baby is waking periodically through the night.


Do you start to feed, and then feel the need to push your baby to finish the bottle 30 mins later? Look at this example of what your possibly doing:

7.am feed
7.45 top up or finish the last 2oz.

So what this does is possibly make for a smaller second feed as that top up is now too close to the second feed.

7.am feed
7.45 finish

10.am feed.

The second feed is now only a little more than two hours since the last feed, not three hours as planned. Are they hungry? most likely not and that pattern can escalate all through the day. By the end of the day your short on milk and therefore have a hungry baby waking through the night for milk.  As long as your baby is of a healthy weight, TRY to avoid that top up. It will only need you to stretch that to that next feed one time, and you’re all on track with a hungry baby taking a full feed.