It’s warmer weather and kids need to be outside playing and getting back in touch with their own creativity, and imagination. They are using these devices for school and therefore at home should be limited. Being around any electric device for hours on end is not healthy for anyone.

Use the iPad/Tablet for little kids as an emergency go to only. Encourage playing with more toys, use it if nothing else works and you need to get the dinner on. If they kick up a storm, deal with it! Show them whose boss. Take it away and don’t give in to demands.

Toddlers and babies, ONLY WANT these items because YOU gave them to them, you’re in control of the tech. As they get older, there will be certain peer pressure and as the parent it is your job to set the rules and decide if you want to go with the flow or fight it.

Every family differs, you will only have control over this for a limited time. Getting your kids and their friends out and enjoying a sport hobby over tech games may not be as hard as you think …. but expect to do much of the leg work to get that into action.

I say no devices for any toddler under the age of three.

Studies show a delay in fine motor skills for babies that use iphones and ipads as a toy.

Toddler should be limited to emergency when you/nanny has nothing else that works and it’s a case of cooking the dinner or starve! Where as¬†Children 5+ tech time should be limited to a base of 30 mins per day.