Danielle HodgesI received my Poncho from Urban Psh Kids shop and I can’t tell you how sweet it is. I got mine in camo with a pink inner layer and it’s just perfect. It’s so easy to put on and off which is why it’s so great for the car seat. I prefer to take it all the way off getting in and out of the car seat but if you wanted to it would definitely be much safer than a puffy winter parka.

To be honest where I think this poncho excels is for spring!!! It’s such an easy layer to throw on over a sweater rather than having to cram her into a bunch of layers. Because it’s made of fleece it’s really warm and the Hood makes it feel even more cozy for her. It has a lot of details that I love, like a little pink bow on the top of the hood! It adds a feminine touch to a traditionally masculine print (although camo is my favorite for little girls).

There are a lot of days where we’re simply running into a play group and I don’t necessarily want to have to throw on her entire arsenal of winter gear which makes me want one in every colour:) I would definitely recommend this as a unique gift or addition to your toddler closet!!!