Ashleigh ScottI recently received the car seat poncho from Urban Psh Kids shop for my 3-year-old daughter Winnie. This product is a creative solution to a tricky problem. The general consensus is that the safest way to protect your child while in a car seat is to ensure they are not wearing their bulky winter coat underneath their harness/seatbelt. As if winters in Canada aren’t difficult enough parents are now faced with the task of trying to keep our kids warm in their car seats without putting them in a jacket. Luckily we now have the option of this fashionable poncho that is a safe alternative to keep your little one warm and looking sharp.

Most mornings are hectic, to say the least, I usually have to wake Winnie up and drag her from her warm bed and out into the cold to catch the bus for her older sister. As you can imagine she’s not a huge fan of our morning routine. This poncho however is made from warm fleece and feels like a blanket making the transition from bed to cold car seat a little easier to manage. I still make sure to dress her warmly underneath but the roomy style of this poncho makes layering effortless.

I was really impressed with the quality and attention to detail of this poncho, it’s cut beautifully and the material has a great weight to it. I also love that it is handmade in Canada as I really strive to support local designers whenever I can.

The style I received is beautiful and classic. It is made of super soft fleece and is fully reversible featuring a lovely grey/pink plaid on one side with a solid grey lining. It has a generous hood and a single snap closure making it easy to slip on and off and comfortable to wear. I have been in the fashion industry

for most of my life and my experience has given me an appreciation for clothing pieces that not only look good but are also well made and serve a purpose. This poncho is the perfect mix of fashion meets function and I would highly recommend it!