Jennifer BattahI must confess, at first when I unwrapped the car seat poncho, I was so busy admiring the adorable woodland fox pattern (which happens to match his nursery) that I didn’t stop to think about how to use it.

To test it out, I put the Urban Posh Kids shop car seat poncho on my 10-month-old son to see what he would do. He couldn’t sit still. He giggled and played around with the material.

He spent some time admiring the foxes and then tried to figure out how to get out of it. The sewn in snap is perfect to secure it around baby’s neck – otherwise, he would have found a way to slide right out of it!

My son has incredibly sensitive skin, but the ultra soft fleece material of the poncho is extremely comfortable and allows me to be worry-free about irritation and rashes. He is also always warm – I actually call him a furnace. We have a wooly Jolly Jumper Cuddle Bag for his car seat but whenever we arrive at our destination, he is sweating buckets. Nothing is more uncomfortable than being sweaty under layers of winter clothing.

The Urban Posh Kids shop car seat poncho will be the new go to for the remainder of the winter months. It’s warm enough that he doesn’t need the cuddle bag, but cool enough that he isn’t sweating during travel. I wish I had one of these when he was a newborn!

Once he has outgrown it (which I hope isn’t too soon), I will gladly pay it forward to a friend or loved one.