Female with Baby Carrier boarding a plane

  1. Q: What can I do in advance to prepare my children for a good/happy/tear-free flight?

    A: Try to board with a well rested child. I see many people boarding with a tired child and hoping they’ll sleep on the plane, but often over tiredness and over stimulation from new surroundings mean they won’t sleep straight away, so better to be well rested before flight boarding.
  2. Q: What should be in my emergency plane kid kit?

    A: My suggestions are the following…
    Activities for children, wipes, snacks, clean underwear for them, hand sanitizer, drinks, Gravel, diapers, a few pacifiers! a favorite blanket or soft toy, and drinks. Activities such a duplo will keep little fingers busy, and minds creative! 

  3. Q: What are some of the mistakes parents make or overlook before boarding a flight with a small child.

    A: Make sure they have been fed and had a drink before boarding and have a clean diaper/been to the toilet so they don’t have any immediate personal needs whilst you’re trying to board. This can cause a young toddler to get anxious. Talk to them about what is happening and explain about the plane and where you are going etc. Remember it is new to them and we might have many years experience of flying, but they don’t, and everything is much louder and noisier to them, so talk to them lots.

  4. Q: When travelling with a baby to different time zones should I keep my child on their sleep schedule ? Or should I adapt then the local time zone we are on at the destination?A: Upon arrival everyone is tired from the travel, get an early night. A well rested baby is a happy baby. Wake as normal and you will slowly and automatically slip into local time. Waking for breakfast, lunch, dinner, will put you on local time. Just keep in mind the first few days your baby will most likely need a little extra sleep. The environment is warmer, and she will tire easily.

    Stroller naps under a shade, a little nap after lunch and baby will be happy!

  5. Q: Should I consider putting my kids in the resort kid’s clubs and/or make use of local babysitters, and why?A: My personal opinion is that  I would encourage kids to join in the kids club,  and talk to them in an excited way about them. I think the kids club is a great environment for children to forge new friendships whilst on holiday and to create memories that will last a lifetime. They can learn new skills, take part in activities that they might not ordinarily have access to, meet children from different cultures and also allow parents to dine alone, relax etc. I’d advise talking to the children about the kids club in the weeks leading up to the holiday and show them any pics/videos online so as to build their excitement, but also make them feel safe and secure in those surroundings.

    Happy baby looking at an adult sized meal


  6.  Q: How can I avoid getting into bad habits while travelling with small children?A: Bad habits – Try as much as possible to stick to their routine and not succumb to loads of sugary snacks and drinks etc. Naturally children will have more of everything on holiday, but I think it’s important to still have boundaries and ‘rules/routine’.
  7.  Q: Any tips for parents travelling with fussy foodies? should I bring snacks and food they are used to or rely on resort food?A: Don’t pack a whole pantry from one country to another! Resorts are super kid friendly. There will always be something that the kids like in resorts, but also, it’s a chance for them to try new things. I’ve been shocked at how open kids are to trying new things when out of their normal environment. When kids see other kids eating certain foods, they are more inclined to try new foods also.
  8.  Q: What are your top 3 tips to ensure a happy family vacation?A: Be as prepared for all eventualities as you can, don’t have any expectations of what the holiday will be like… just enjoy every day for what it is… remember that it’s your child’s holiday too and it’s important to make them happy also.