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TaLii Towles, use for travelling, camping, cottage, boating, beach, gym, yoga, Pilates and weekends away. You’ll love them so much you’ll use them at home every day!

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Jennifer Viherjoki

TaLii Towels Review By Jennifer Viherjoki

TaLii Towels are amazing. I have been using the bath sheet, as well as the bath towel, for life here at home but also at the cottage. Kids are constantly in and out of the water at the cottage, and having a dry towel available for them to use to ...
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Lori Barker

TaLii Towels Review By Lori Barker

Oh My TaLii Towels!!  When first looking at TaLii Towels, I loved the variety of colours that were offered and I love their versatility. I am astounded by their ability to absorb so much for such a thin towel. They take up such little space in the washer and dryer ...
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Danielle Hodges

TaLii Towels Review By Danielle Hodges

I was sent three different towels from TaLii Towels: The Bath Sheet (which is a big, huge, fabulous towel); the TaLii Pet Towel (a smaller version for drying off those soggy Canines); and the TaLii Sport Towel (an even smaller version for putting around your shoulders at the gym or ...
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Ashleigh Scott

TaLii Towels Review By Ashleigh Scott

When I first received my TaLii Towels I wasn’t really sure what to think. Unlike a normal terry towel the texture of these towels is quite different and unique with a weight more comparable to that of a bed sheet. It’s kind of a mystery how these towels work being ...
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Karen Johnson

TaLii Towels Review By Karen Johnson

The TaLii Towels sure do catch your eye with an array of colours and sizes to choose from. I do prefer a thicker fluffier towel for everyday bath use over these ones. I personally feel TaLii Towels are more Ideal for the pool, hot tub, swimming, and other uses. They dry super-fast ...
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Nanny Robina

TaLii Towels Review By Nanny Robina

I first came across TaLii Towels at a friend’s cottage. I was immediately impressed with the size of the towel as I wrapped it around myself and still had ample to spare!  It felt kind of strange at first and I knew it was not the usual type of towel, this ...
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