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Dr. Daphne Pala

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Robot and Dinosaur Toddler Pillow Review By – Dr. Daphne Pala

I was very excited for my 3 year old to try the Robot & Dinosaur pillow. I had been thinking about what kind of pillow to get for him but didn’t know what may be best since there are so many options! I must say I love the look and ...
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Mia’s Moccs Review by Dr. Daphne Pala

I was very excited when I heard I was selected as a tester for Mia's Moccs. What better way to bond with your baby than dress them stylishly!  My little boy loves getting dressed up. I never thought I would say that since my first son barely tolerated the process ...
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I-Angel Hipseat Carrier Review By Dr. Daphne Pala

Being hands free while taking care of a baby was fun and exciting with our first son but it is a necessity with our second since we have an energetic toddler running around at home too. I also find child wearing helps us calm our younger son so it is ...
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Bare Bums Creations Review By Dr. Daphne Pala

The Bare Bums Creations blanket and change pad is beautiful and soft and has many uses. I have a two-year-old and am 7 months pregnant. With my two-year-old we are in the process of potty training and plan to use this on his bed as soon as we are ready ...
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Bio-Oil By Dr. Daphne Pala

Bio Oil Review I was very excited to try the bio oil when I received it. I had heard great things about the multitude of uses but was not convinced one product could be used to treat so many things. My main uses have been on my abdomen to help diminish some ...
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AeraMax Air Purifier Review By Dr. Daphne Pala

I received the Fellowes AreaMax Air Purifier a few weeks ago and set it up in my 10 month old sons room that same day. To be honest I was skeptical but certainly intrigued to see what kind of difference a small air purification system could make. A little bit of ...
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