Acorn & Leaf Review by Amanda Taylor2015-08-28T14:49:55-04:00

Amanda TaylorI have a 3 month old daughter who has reflux and has started drooling! Therefore I always have a bib on her lately.

My first impression of the Acorn & Leaf bandana bibs were that they are very stylish. Unlike traditional bibs the Acorn & Leaf bandana bibs accentuated my daughter’s outfits instead of covering them up. The bibs are soft and comfy as well as being a very practical item. They also didn’t shrink when I put them in the dryer as advertised.

I appreciated the use of snaps instead of Velcro. I used bandana bibs from a different source when my son was a baby and found the Velcro irritated his neck.

Acorn & Leaf have done a great job in making stylish, functional well made bandana bibs.  My only suggestion would be to add a waterproof backing as I found myself changing the bib every couple hours.

I am definitely an Acorn & Leaf customer!