Acorn & Leaf Review by Madeleine Alaouze2015-09-01T11:37:23-04:00

Madeleine AlaouzeWhen I received the three bandana bibs from Acorn & Leaf I was over the moon excited. I have always used a traditional bib with my girls but after a while the Velcro wears down and they fall off or they are so big you can never make out the cute shirts I have them wearing! The prints are so beautiful, you can tell they put a lot of thought into the fabrics they choose. The have a very earthy look to them and one could definitely find something to fit their taste. I also found many of the prints to be gender neutral, which is great for any mom buying them when their babies gender is unknown, as a gift, or if you are just not into the gender specific pink and blues.

The bibs are 100% cotton on the print size and flannelet on the backside, which is great for absorbing all the drool. They really do absorb a ton of drool! My daughter is currently cutting some teeth and she has been a drool machine! I had a bib on her for the day and although the bib was pretty wet her shirt and collar was not. I also love that the bib stayed on her the whole time. I don’t have to worry about it falling off or losing it as it is fastened by a nickel free snap. She also chews on the fabric a bit and they are all still in great shape!

They are easy to clean- just throw them in the wash or hand washed them and hang to dry which works well too. They suggest ironing them after washing to keep their shape, but sometimes I don’t have the time and they seem to work just fine without.

The price point of the bibs are not bad at $10.50 each or $26.50 for any three. You are paying for the quality, time and effort put into each bandana bib and the support for a small Canadian company. I would highly recommend this product to any mom and friend looking to purchase as a gift or for their own little one. Go to the website and just take a look at the adorable babies and toddlers modeling the bibs, I promise you will not be disappointed! I approve this product.