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Bare Bums Creations

Here at Bare Bums Creations we understand the benefits of baby naked time but where do you find a blanket that is both waterproof and soft?

With a unique three layer design, we have created a blanket and a change pad which are comfy, absorbent, and waterproof.

The goal at Bare Bums Creations is to make baby naked time easy and fun (and a whole lot cleaner!)

Bare Bums Creations is a Canadian company based in Victoria, BC that supplies locally made custom designs to Canada.


Lori Barker

Bare Bums Creations Review By Lori Barker

The Bare Bums Creation blanket is well put together with an amazing gender neutral and fun colour scheme. I love the fact that these products are created with the environment in mind and are non-toxic, which is so important to me for my children. I was almost wishing my water ...
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Sabrina Sorochan

Bare Bums Creations Review By Sabrina Sorochan

I do a lot of online purchasing, I absolutely love the feeling of receiving whatever I have ordered in the mail…it’s like this anticipation builds from the moment I hit the submit button. Recently I received two products from Bare Bums Creations: a blanket and change pad. I eagerly tore ...
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Jennifer Viherjoki

Bare Bums Creations Review By Jennifer Viherjoki

I absolutely love the multi-purpose nature of the Bare Bums Creations products I received. I have a three-year-old and a five-month-old baby and we've used these products several different ways since we got them. The Bare Bums Blanket came at the absolute best time. My son is potty training and has had ...
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Dr. Daphne Pala

Bare Bums Creations Review By Dr. Daphne Pala

The Bare Bums Creations blanket and change pad is beautiful and soft and has many uses. I have a two-year-old and am 7 months pregnant. With my two-year-old we are in the process of potty training and plan to use this on his bed as soon as we are ready ...
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Madeleine Alaouze

Bare Bums Creations Review By Madeleine Alaouze

We received our Bare Bums Creation blanket and change pad a couple weeks ago and are so happy with this product. As soon as I felt both, I knew the quality of fabrics was of a high standard. The change pad is quickly going to become a staple in my diaper ...
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Kristen Hodges

Bare Bums Creations Review By Kristen Hodges

Every once in a while I come across a product that makes me wonder how I survived without it.  The Bare Bums Creations blanket definitely qualifies! I've been using this blanket constantly since I received it. I plop my seven-month-old down on it wherever we go. It's now my go-to ...
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