Bayview Sheppard RMT Review by Michael Scott2015-10-09T17:07:55-04:00

Michael ScottI had my first therapy appointment with Bayview Sheppard RMT last week.

From the moment I entered the office I felt comfortable.  This is saying something because I’m rarely comfortable.  The converted home and the staff create a warm, welcoming atmosphere with a clean appearance. After filling out a few forms I was ready to go.  I have a physical job by nature, and have recently had shoulder surgery.  Like any weekend warrior, I also have my aches and pains that my body is telling me to do something about.  In which I obviously don’t listen to. These factors have lead to some chronic pain.

I wasn’t even clear on what was ailing me aside from my everything hurts…but my RMT Lisa was able to determine the root cause of my pain within a few minutes of my scattered complaints and was able to put together a session to attack my trouble areas.  She was very attentive throughout the therapy making sure I was comfortable at all times.  It did not take long for Lisa to diagnose some weakness in my muscles from my surgery and in turn the other muscles that are compensating are being overtaxed.

I’ve never been one to be in tune with my body, you might say I’m tone deaf when it comes to listening to it. I’ve learned to accept pain and live with it. Hearing from Lisa that there are things that can be done to feel better, I will be going back because I feel she is knowledgeable and capable.  I don’t love feeling like I fell out of a two story window when I wake up every morning and I am excited at the prospect of living my daily life without those pains I’ve become so accustomed to.