Bayview Sheppard RMT Review by Nanny Robina2015-10-09T16:31:47-04:00

Nanny RobinaI should start this review with a remark that I am not a big fan of massage…

I have found it painful more often than not, so gave up on having them some time ago. Therefore, I arrived at the Bayview Sheppard RMT massage therapy Clinic with scepticism.

Upon arrival I was required to fill out a medical history form which allowed the therapist to see if I had any medial conditions she should be aware of. Once the form was completed my RMT therapist was introduced to me. Her name was Rona Bimeda. Roma was very nice, polite softly spoken and very knowledgeable. I also mentioned to her that I was a sceptic and asked her to be gentle. I explained what had happened to me in the past with regards to feeling pain.

Rona explained to me that sometimes certain spots require deeper massage as the muscle could be knotted from tension. She found the spot in my lower back which had this problem and asked me if it was ok to apply more pressure. I think, because I was expecting the pressure it was not an issue, yes it did hurt a little, but it was an acceptable pain.

As we closed our appointment Rona packed me off with some Epsom salts and suggested I take a 30 minute soak in the tub later to ease any possible soreness that may come from the massage. The knot that she found was released, and I cannot tell you how much better I felt the next day! Funny enough, I had no idea I had an issue until it was gone!

Overall, I was very happy with my massage and the care and understanding my therapist expressed.  After a full day in front of the computer and a massage after it I realized that from now on I need to get a massage into my weekly routine. I should also mention that they specialize in pregnancy massage as well – a must for any pregnant mother.

It is definitely worth a visit to Bayview Sheppard RMT massage therapy Clinic. The understanding and gentle touch, mixed with  the untying  of problematic knots, has restored my faith in why a good massage from a reputable clinic like Bayview Sheppard  RMT  massage therapy Clinic is a must.