Fun with Fiber!

If your initial reaction is to roll your eyes, I understand. For most of us the word ‘Fiber’ conjures images of raisin bran muffins, bran flakes, and possibly a tall glass of Metamucil. Mmmmm….exciting. Fear not. I’m here to tell you that fiber no longer has to be boring. Or brown! Pardon the pun. In [...]

Fun with Fiber!2015-03-03T11:59:24-05:00

“But it’s gluten free!”

I would be a very rich woman if I had a dollar for each time I heard that phrase. It seems that every other person I talk to has decided to go ‘gluten free’. If I inquire further as to why, I am given the impression that gluten is a harbinger of death and should [...]

“But it’s gluten free!”2015-02-26T13:51:13-05:00