bed NANNY Review by Jennifer Viherjoki

The bed NANNY is a very cool product that would benefit many parents who are in the process of transitioning their little ones from the crib to a regular bed. My son now sleeps in a double bed, so I was fortunate to test out the size for the double bed. The product comes with [...]

bed NANNY Review by Jennifer Viherjoki2016-09-11T21:26:24-04:00

Pressions Review by Jennifer Viherjoki

The Pressions Kit was a lot of fun to use. I have a 3.5 month old baby, and this kit allowed me to preserve her tiny footprints forever. The tutorial provided on the company website was a great addition to the step-by-step instructions that came with the kit. Setting up for the task was quick [...]

Pressions Review by Jennifer Viherjoki2016-04-22T22:19:41-04:00

OVer Review by Jennifer Viherjoki

When I received my OVer Cover, I was immediately impressed by the stylish design and lightweight feel. My little one is three months old and the OVer cover was perfect for us as a car seat cover and nursing cover-up. With this past winter being completely unpredictable in terms of weather, the cover was perfect [...]

OVer Review by Jennifer Viherjoki2016-04-14T13:58:22-04:00

Munch Mitt Review By Jennifer Viherjoki

As my three month old is starting her journey into teething, the Munch Mitt Mini has arrived at a perfect time. Instead of sucking on her fingers, she can now chew on the mitt and ease the pressure on her gums. Even though its still a little heavy for her to lift, all she needs [...]

Munch Mitt Review By Jennifer Viherjoki2016-06-21T09:31:52-04:00