Bio Oil Review by Karen Johnson

Date: April 20, 2015 I thought it was just an urban myth. “Bio Oil “should be used during your pregnancy to avoid stretch marks”. Well its not a myth! I started using it during my first pregnancy “THE OIL THAT STARTED IT ALL”. From there I have been using it on various parts of my body. I even used it [...]

Bio Oil Review by Karen Johnson2015-05-25T19:48:03-04:00

AeraMax Air Purifier By Karen Johnson

Never in a million years would I have thought that having an air purifier in your home would make that much of a difference. I thought that those machines were designed for people with sever allergies! Well, was I totally wrong. Having an additional air purifier in your home especially if you have pets and [...]

AeraMax Air Purifier By Karen Johnson2015-05-11T20:34:50-04:00

1st Star Vitamins Review by Karen Johnson

Well it finally happened! I no longer have to grind up vitamins and trick my boys.  They are leaping off the table literally like goal tenders for their new 1st star vitamins.  There is usually a fight over the Goalie.  The vitamins are inviting to any child.  The flavours pink, and grape seem to be [...]

1st Star Vitamins Review by Karen Johnson2015-04-01T10:49:43-04:00

Pashmama Review by Karen Johnson

I was happily surprised with the Pashmama Scarf.   I loved the neutral grey colour it came in but aside from that the texture of the fabric was so soft.  It didn’t even feel as if I was wearing anything.   What a great idea as far as going fashion forward! A great piece to [...]

Pashmama Review by Karen Johnson2015-04-01T10:52:13-04:00

Sleepy Owl Review by Karen Johnson

The gift box is perfect! A wonderful presentation. BOO BOO STICK I ended up trying the Boo Boo Stick on my 4 year old. The source of the boo boo was a paper cut. Initially, he thought the Boo Boo Stick stung. But when I applied it to my cut there was no stinging at [...]

Sleepy Owl Review by Karen Johnson2015-04-01T10:56:00-04:00