Bare Bums Creations Review By Lori Barker

The Bare Bums Creation blanket is well put together with an amazing gender neutral and fun colour scheme. I love the fact that these products are created with the environment in mind and are non-toxic, which is so important to me for my children. I was almost wishing my water would break early just so [...]

Bare Bums Creations Review By Lori Barker2016-06-13T14:11:44-04:00

Lipidol Review By Lori Barker

When I first received my Lipidol products, the first thing I noticed was the variety of colours and that the unique smells of each oil were very pleasant. There is a wide variety of products making Lipidol a full skin care line. Not to mention the products are extremely cost effective! I knew the Bio-Oil [...]

Lipidol Review By Lori Barker2016-03-16T22:08:19-04:00

“My Kid Says The Darndest Things” Review by Lori Barker

Moms have great memories, but can’t always remember all of the details.  My Kid Says the Darndest Things serves as a written time stamp of all of the things we wish, as moms, we could remember, but can’t.  The cover of the book is colourful and inviting, which instantly caught my 5 year old daughter’s [...]

“My Kid Says The Darndest Things” Review by Lori Barker2016-04-29T16:13:21-04:00

TaLii Towels Review By Lori Barker

Oh My TaLii Towels!!  When first looking at TaLii Towels, I loved the variety of colours that were offered and I love their versatility. I am astounded by their ability to absorb so much for such a thin towel. They take up such little space in the washer and dryer that you could wash all [...]

TaLii Towels Review By Lori Barker2016-04-29T16:13:01-04:00