Anxiety & Mindfulness

  Written by: Stephanie Van De Ven – The Mindful Mama My son started showing signs of anxiety a few years ago. At around 8 years old he began tapping his fingers on any surfaces that he could several times in a row and making what I thought was strange-throat noises from his throat. He [...]

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Adult Mental Illness

My name is Christine and I am a professional worrier. You read that right, a professional, I worry like it’s my job… if only I could get paid for this ability, because I’m really good at it, and I’d be a billionaire by now.  I’ve had anxiety my whole life, but it wasn’t diagnosed until well [...]

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Paediatric Anxiety

“My tummy hurts” he said as he chewed his fingernails, looking around wide-eyed. My son was almost 4 when we started to notice that he was experiencing paediatric anxiety. For the most part, he had been an easy infant, toddler and preschooler. He was quieter, observant and kind. He had a laugh that came right [...]

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Fun Ways to Get Fit As a Single Parent

If you are new to fitness, the gym can be an intimidating place, and if you are a single parent, finding the time to actually go to the gym is a serious laughing matter. Luckily, fitness is what you make it, not where you make it. Here are some fun exercises you can start doing [...]

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Teaching kids to budget with pocket money

It is a great idea to be teaching kids this at a young age to be responsible with money and to teach them budgeting. Is it too early? Never! Start off how you do it yourself. Far too many people do not know how to budget before they head off for collage/university. 1) Establish [...]

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Off The Tech and Back to Playtime

It's warmer weather and kids need to be outside playing and getting back in touch with their own creativity, and imagination. They are using these devices for school and therefore at home should be limited. Being around any electric device for hours on end is not healthy for anyone. Use the iPad/Tablet for little [...]

Off The Tech and Back to Playtime2018-06-08T16:26:45-04:00

Toddler Bedtime Shenanigans

Has your toddler's bedtime become a full night-time shift? Is your toddler constantly stalling for time at bedtime? Perhaps this sounds all too familiar, "Mommy, I love you" "I need a hug" "Just one more story, Just one... I sleep then just one story, I need water, I need milk, mommy I'm hungry... If [...]

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Why is Baby Waking Periodically Through the Night?

Whether you are learning how to help your infant sleep through the night or you personally need some coaching on how to get better sleep, I want to help you implement a better nights sleep into your household; preferably before it reaches the stage where you're so sleep deprived no one dares to speak to [...]

Why is Baby Waking Periodically Through the Night?2018-04-21T09:47:30-04:00

How to Help Baby Get Back To Sleep

Many babies wake during the night.  Be reassured, all babies wake at some point, some more than others. The difficulty arises when your baby is unable to get themselves back to sleep. However, there is a lot you can do to help your baby develop good sleeping habits. When your baby wakes, the key is [...]

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Transitioning Baby to Crib

Babies learn early how their mommy feels and what she smells like, and that leads to one of the most common traps parents fall into. Your little bundle of joy nods off after a feeding in the arms, and don't you just love snuggling up with baby! I know I do. For many that's [...]

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