Mia’s Moccs Review by Sabrina Sorochan

Who doesn’t love a nice comfy pair of shoes? And who said comfort has to mean sacrificing style? There is no loss in style with Mia’s Moccs. They come in a variety of colours and patterns (it’s worth taking an online trip to www.miasmoccs.com, loving the new camo and watermelon moccs!).  Mary received a pair of [...]

Mia’s Moccs Review by Sabrina Sorochan2016-10-15T23:43:19-04:00

Bare Bums Creations Review By Sabrina Sorochan

I do a lot of online purchasing, I absolutely love the feeling of receiving whatever I have ordered in the mail…it’s like this anticipation builds from the moment I hit the submit button. Recently I received two products from Bare Bums Creations: a blanket and change pad. I eagerly tore open the shipping pack and [...]

Bare Bums Creations Review By Sabrina Sorochan2016-06-13T14:12:35-04:00

Eco Chic Movement Review By Sabrina Sorochan

For the past several weeks my daughter and I have been battling a case of cradle cap and eczema with 0.5% Cortisone Cream and Baby Oil as recommended by our Nurse Practitioner…..unsuccessfully I should add.  When Eco Chic Movement arrived on my door step I was very eager to see whether or not these products [...]

Eco Chic Movement Review By Sabrina Sorochan2016-05-09T12:49:38-04:00

Pressions Review by Sabrina Sorochan

As a new mom with an almost five month old baby girl I have quickly realized how fast babies grow and change, they say life goes by in the blink of an eye.  Sometimes you just want to freeze a moment to hold on to a memory and photos just don’t always do these moments [...]

Pressions Review by Sabrina Sorochan2016-04-22T22:27:32-04:00

OVer Review by Sabrina Sorochan

Imagine this. It is a cold, windy, snowy Canadian winter’s day; you are out doing errands with your baby and are in and out of the car rushing into each stop along your journey just so your baby can get into the warmth as fast as possible.  If you're like me, you probably have a [...]

OVer Review by Sabrina Sorochan2016-04-14T17:51:17-04:00