Strauss WaterBar Review By Sharlene Henry

I don’t know about you, but my morning “twilight zone” is right before the kids have to leave for school and when I have to get myself ready for the day.  As luck would have it, on delivery day for the Strauss WaterBar, six nice looking uniformed men in a van (one of whom I’m [...]

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LuLu Bedding Review by Sharlene Henry

As the saying goes, hindsight is 20/20. When I was pregnant with baby #5, I decided not to have a baby shower despite not having had an infant in the house since 2010.  I figured – been there, done that - I don’t need anything, I’ve done this plenty of times, I’ve got the baby [...]

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Now For Mothers Review By Sharlene Henry

                    It’s hard to believe that seven months have flown by since I had my son.  You’d think that looking after myself would be top priority.  But in typical mom-style, I’m always putting everyone’s needs first – from organizing school lunches, to drop-offs – it’s no [...]

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Bio-Oil Review by Sharlene Henry

Have you ever wanted to break up with one part of your body? I have. My right elbow and I have been at odds for years. I’ve battled with dry skin on my elbow – not just any dry skin – the scaley, dark, crackly skin that you’d think belonged to an alligator or crocodile. In comes [...]

Bio-Oil Review by Sharlene Henry2015-05-25T19:47:44-04:00

AeraMax Air Purifier Review By Sharlene Henry

I’m one of the fortunate ones who do not suffer from spring allergies – but with a household full of five kids and two dogs one can never have too much fresh air, especially during cold and flu season.  When I received the Fellowes AeraMax Air Purifier, I loved the fact that I could put [...]

AeraMax Air Purifier Review By Sharlene Henry2015-05-05T02:47:58-04:00

1st Star Vitamins Review by Sharlene Henry

Remember back in the day when you played that game where you flick the hockey card against a wall with your friends and then you got to keep them if yours went farthest? I do – those were the humble beginnings of my hockey card collection. I also remember the days my mom would call [...]

1st Star Vitamins Review by Sharlene Henry2015-04-01T10:50:53-04:00

Skinfix Review by Sharlene Henry

Let’s face it – by the time you hit baby #2, 3, 4 or in my case #5 – the world of baby skin care can change in the blink of an eye. The first time I ever heard of skinfix® was at The Baby Show back in September 2014. One of the goody bags [...]

Skinfix Review by Sharlene Henry2015-03-05T13:53:54-05:00

Pashmama Review by Sharlene Henry

When it comes to feeding babies – I’m all for personal choice. After five kids, I’ve run the feeding gamut – breast-fed, bottle-fed, jarred-food, homemade, organic, non-organic – you name it, my kids have done it all, sometimes all at once! I’ve always felt it’s natural to breastfeed my babies – it was (and still [...]

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Sleepy Owl Review by Sharlene Henry

When a delivery van pulled up and dropped off a lovely gift bag full of goodies for my first product review for Nanny Robina, I didn’t know what to expect. The gift box has all the things baby needs from the Sleepy Owl Pure Baby Care blue chamomile line: Baby’s Soothing 3 in 1 wash [...]

Sleepy Owl Review by Sharlene Henry2015-04-01T10:56:23-04:00