Bio Oil Review by Sitara Hewitt

I thoroughly enjoyed using the bio oil. I used it everywhere - my neck/ décolletage, hands, legs, arms and all over after a day of sun at the beach.  It sinks into the skin quickly but leaves a beautiful sheen, the smell is fresh and it works wonderfully as a deep moisturizer.  I am trying [...]

Bio Oil Review by Sitara Hewitt2015-05-26T00:50:56-04:00

AeraMax Air Purifier By Sitara Hewitt

I have been using the purifier for a few weeks and I must preface this by saying I'm an air purifier user from WAY back:  I sleep with one on every night and have for the last 6 years or so.  So I'm a tough cookie to please.  Here's what I like about theirs:  It's [...]

AeraMax Air Purifier By Sitara Hewitt2015-05-05T13:15:11-04:00

Pashmama Review by Sitara Hewitt

I'm loving the softness and natural color of the shawl. I breastfed my son for 2 years and wish I had had one of these then! As it is now I'm using it as a shawl 'post breastfeeding' and it's light weight but warm enough to protect against the wind or cool. I live in [...]

Pashmama Review by Sitara Hewitt2015-04-01T10:51:56-04:00