How to Handle Whining

My eight-year-old son still whines whenever he doesn’t get his way. At school he is doing extremely well and has no behavioural issues, but at home he turns into a whining machine. Any ideas? If you address the whining he has no reason to change and it will become his choice of communication. Remind him [...]

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Separation Issues

Your baby is going through one of her first emotional milestones — stranger anxiety. Children this age become very clingy and anxious around new and even familiar people and may cry and get upset if approached by a stranger, or well known family member. Advise others not to head in right away. Your child clearly [...]

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Sleep Routines

As soon as you bring your baby home, establish a simple routine, like bathing at the same time each day, reading the same book or humming the same lullaby. Being able to count on the same things, day in day out is comforting to a new baby. At around three months keep the routine and [...]

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The Best Time to Give Baby Solids

The best time to offer solids is when your baby wakes in the morning; this will give you the rest of the day to see if there is any discomfort or allergy to the food he has eaten. It would not be wise to give any baby a new food then put him to bed [...]

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