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Danielle Hodges

Danielle is a guest expert on CityLine, mommy, and co-owner of Follow the Leader Inc. Dog Training School. She is certified by the Certification Council for Professional Dog Trainers (CCPDT) as a Certified Professional Dog Trainer (CPDT-KA )and is also a certified Canine Good Neighbour (CGN) evaluator.

bed NANNY Review by Danielle Hodges

I was really nervous about switching my toddler to his "big boy bed". He's like an acrobat in his crib and I could just imagine how fast he would go flying out of his bed! The bed NANNY sent me a sheet and bolster made especially for a convertible crib ...
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Pressions Review by Danielle Hodges

As someone that isn't usually very sentimental, I was surprised at how much I liked the print and frame I got from Pressions. I tend to shy away from "crafty" projects because they always end up looking like I stayed up too late drinking red wine, but this was super ...
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Munch Mitt Review By Danielle Hodges

​I was sent two different sizes of the Munch Mitt.  One was for 3-8 months and the other (called Munch Mitt Mini for little teeny tots and preemies) was for 3-6 months.  ​ Unfortunately my daughter is just a touch too old! She's almost a year in April. Gosh time ...
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Sleep Country Pillow Fitting Review by Danielle Hodges

I should start this review by letting the readers know that I'm a very weird sleeper. I lie flat on my back with my arms folded over my chest and I barely move until morning. My husband says it's creepy. Moreover, I love a fluffy pillow. I love to have ...
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Giraffe Baby Review by Danielle Hodges

When I became a mom I started having pangs of guilt about all the plastic stuff in the baby product world. The irony of it is too much: I'm providing for my child by ruining the world he's growing up in. That's why I feel so relieved when I find ...
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TaLii Towels Review By Danielle Hodges

I was sent three different towels from TaLii Towels: The Bath Sheet (which is a big, huge, fabulous towel); the TaLii Pet Towel (a smaller version for drying off those soggy Canines); and the TaLii Sport Towel (an even smaller version for putting around your shoulders at the gym or ...
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Acorn & Leaf Review by Danielle Hodges

My sixteen month old has been teething like a maniac since he was four months old.  That means that he’s been covered in drool for the better part of a year! I’ll be the first to admit that I tend to skip the bib because they cramp his cool-baby style.  ...
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