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Eco Chic Movement

These days it seems like you need a degree in chemistry to try and decipher the ingredient list on your skin care products. The big brands know that consumers are demanding more “natural” products and they are taking advantage of the lack of regulation in this area. Currently in North America there are no regulations on skin care products with respect to the word “natural”.  What this results in is a product that is chemical laden, and then has a little bit of green tea extract in it, being able to be called “natural”.

Eco Chic Movement is committed to bringing you 100% chemical free products. The NO List on our products makes it easy for you to see what’s not in our products, no smoke and mirrors here!


Shannon Marchand

Eco Chic Review By Shannon Marchand

After using the Eco Chic baby products for the last 3 weeks I am happy to report that they work wonderfully. I tend to purchase natural products in general and it’s nice to have the option to use products specifically geared towards babies and, as an added bonus, made locally. In ...
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Denise French

Eco Chic Movement Review By Denise French

We enjoyed using the Eco Chic Movement all natural baby products. The Diaper Cream was smooth and very easy to apply. It cleared up any red spots my son had overnight. We have tried many different diaper creams and nothing seems to work on our son’s skin, this is the first ...
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Sabrina Sorochan

Eco Chic Movement Review By Sabrina Sorochan

For the past several weeks my daughter and I have been battling a case of cradle cap and eczema with 0.5% Cortisone Cream and Baby Oil as recommended by our Nurse Practitioner…..unsuccessfully I should add.  When Eco Chic Movement arrived on my door step I was very eager to see ...
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Harmony Legere

Eco Chic Movement Review By Harmony Legere

A baby’s skin is so sensitive so it's very important that we make sure to use products to nourish the skin that is chemical and additive free. I love the Eco Chic Movement line. The baby shampoo & body wash have a light foamy texture with a fresh scent of essential ...
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Madeleine Alaouze

Eco Chic Movement Review By Madeleine Alaouze

These days we are bombarded with products claiming to be all-natural, organic, or chemical free. I can’t walk down an aisle without seeing dozens of mass produced labels just begging to be put in my cart. Although I would be lying if I said I was not one of those ...
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Ashleigh Scott

Eco Chic Movement Review by Ashleigh Scott

It’s hard to believe that so many of the name brand products many of us moms rely on have chemicals in them that aren’t totally safe for our little ones. Eco Chic Movement has set out to change that and are doing a great job of offering alternative skin care ...
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