Giraffe Baby Review By Madeleine Alouaze2016-03-08T12:03:13-05:00

Madeleine AlaouzePrior to receiving the Giraffe Baby Products I did some research on their easy to use website,  What stood out to me, and I am sure will to lots of other parents, is that all of their products are natural and eco-friendly, made from 100% certified organic corn starch, are biodegradable, and a local Canadian company! Baby Giraffe states their mission is to “provide healthy and safe products for families that will help reduce their carbon footprint on the planet,” which in this day and age is one of the most important factors in choosing any product, especially for our kids.

Infant Feeding Bottle: My kids are out of the bottle phase but luckily I have a friend who recently had a baby and asked her to give it a try. Her feedback was positive and that her baby latched easily to the nipple. She was very happy to hear the bottle is BPA free and made from natural corn based material. The price seems a bit steep for just one bottle, but as with most things you pay for the quality in all of these products.

Frog Toddler Dining Set- My toddler really loves this set. The bowl is easy for her little hands to hold with the two little ‘frog ears’ acting as grips. It’s big enough for anything to hold, from her spaghetti at dinner to her crackers and grapes for a snack. The bowl has a cover which also doubles as a small plate. The plate is small, but holds some smaller snacks for her. She loves to practice taking on and off the plate from the bowl, practising her gross motor skills.  The set also came with a fork and spoon, both are the perfect size for her. The cup it comes with, again, is a great size and the two grips on the sides are perfect for her learning to use an open cup at the table. She actually loves using the whole set together because when she is done everything she can stack them together to look like a frog! You can tell the creators of this set thought pretty hard about making meal time fun!

Wipes- The Baby Giraffe wipes are really great! They are filled with natural and organic ingredients and no chemicals, which definitely makes me feel better when using them on my kids. The wipes are corn based and have natural and organic oils, and are soft to touch with no grainy feeling. They do not rip or tear easily, and are soft on my kids faces for meal time cleanups. The wipes are slightly beige in color but only because of the corn fibres as most other wipes can be bleached to have that stark white color.

All in all, we found the Baby Giraffe products work well for our family. Their price points I think are pretty on par compared to similar high quality products.  Their mission to take part in creating a healthy planet for our children with their eco friendly and natural based products is a major selling point for me and would definitely recommend Baby Giraffe to my friends and family with small children. I approve these products!