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After spending hours searching the web and looking in stores, we discovered that there were few organic and non-toxic products available in one location for our newborn baby. Wanting to help others save time and have quick access to natural and eco-friendly products for children we decided to create Giraffe Baby, which is completely made up of corn starch that is healthy for children and the planet. Our mission is to provide healthy and safe products for families that will help reduce their carbon footprint on the planet. We offer a high quality products that are:

  • Made with 100% certified organic corn starch (free of pesticides).
  • Made from 100% biodegradable PLA to help reduce the amount of waste filling our landfills.
  • Paraben-free and contain non-irritating ingredients.
  • Made with BPA free, natural and eco-friendly materials, which is 100% food contact safe and microwave safe.
  • Designed in Canada supporting our local businesses and economy.

Ashleigh Scott

Giraffe Baby Review By Ashleigh Scott

As a Mom of 2 young girls I am definitely concerned with how many chemicals are in the products we use daily and I am constantly on the look out for items that are not only safe for my babies but also for the planet. That’s why I was really ...
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Danielle Hodges

Giraffe Baby Review By Danielle Hodges

When I became a mom I started having pangs of guilt about all the plastic stuff in the baby product world. The irony of it is too much: I'm providing for my child by ruining the world he's growing up in. That's why I feel so relieved when I find ...
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Giraffe Baby Review By Stephanie Clairmont

As a mom of an 11 month-old, I’m concerned about what toxins we are bringing into our home from cleaners to beauty products to toys. I pay special attention to the containers and dishes we serve and store our food in. We mostly serve my little one Deakon in small ...
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Aida Martinez

Giraffe Baby Review By Dr. Aida Martinez, ND

Bottle:  This is such a cute bottle!  I love that you can open it from both ends, that way, the bottom can be cleaned easily.  All of the parts are easy to assemble, although I found the cap to be a little difficult to take off to open the bottle.  ...
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Madeleine Alaouze

Giraffe Baby Review By Madeleine Alouaze

Prior to receiving the Giraffe Baby Products I did some research on their easy to use website,  What stood out to me, and I am sure will to lots of other parents, is that all of their products are natural and eco-friendly, made from 100% certified organic corn starch, ...
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Kristen Hodges

Giraffe Baby Review By Kristen Hodges

A corn starch-based, biodegradable and completely non-toxic line of baby products? Yes, please! The idea of feeding my little ones while doing my part to help the planet is an initiative I can get behind. When I received the Giraffe Baby Frog Toddler Dining Set and the G-Bottle,  I was eager to ...
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