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Private In-Home Bookings

We highly recommend Nanny Robina to anyone who is struggling with scheduling your babies day and sleeping! My daughter was Constantly waking up in the night not eating well in the day and needing a bottle to fall asleep at nap time and bed time and with a few easy small changes we noticed a huge difference within 24 hours. 
 I hosted a sleep workshop at my house….my girlfriend and I were desperate and were hoping to find a group of 10 Mamas that we knew to hold a workshop but that wasn’t working so we opened it up to the public and it was great! We got to meet other moms that were struggling just like us and I loved the group workshop setting because it gave us a time to talk and learn from each other. The other great thing with the group workshop is that it give you a chance to learn all stages from newborn to toddler. 
 I tell everyone Nanny Robina saved us and most importantly gave my daughter the gift of a good night sleep and in return we are a HAPPY well rested home!  Thank you Nanny!!
                                                  Kristen  Mississauga, Ontario


Corporate Workshops

Lunch & Learn Sessions are specially tailored for organizations who are looking to provide their employees with a support structure. As an employer you will enjoy the benefits of enhanced employee engagement and loyalty.

$50 / person
Customized to your needs. Gather a minimum of 12 friends and host a parenting party! As hostess you come free! Cheese & wine, Pot Luck or just Coffee & Cake all sprinkled with an informative workshop of your choice.
The Gift of Sleep
Toddler Shenanigans
Potty training
The Fussy Foodie
Sassy Pants
Custom Pricing
Nanny Robina will provide the expertise to help your employees find balance between work life and parenthood.