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I-Angel Hipseat Carrier

I-Angel is the creator of the original award-winning baby hipseat carrier. Modelled after the heart-filled warm embrace of a mother, I-Angel was born from the desire to provide the best carrier for babies and parents across the world.  I-Angel innovated the baby hipseat carrier that is not only more comfortable but ergonomically superior for both babies & parents. The next-generation baby carrier has arrived!

Ashleigh Scott

I-Angel Hipseat Carrier Review By Ashleigh Scott

When it comes to “baby wearing” let me state for the record I am a huge fan. I love so many aspects of the practice from bonding with your newborn to the amazing convenience factor. Finding a baby carrier that I love on the other hand has proven trying at ...
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Dr. Daphne Pala

I-Angel Hipseat Carrier Review By Dr. Daphne Pala

Being hands free while taking care of a baby was fun and exciting with our first son but it is a necessity with our second since we have an energetic toddler running around at home too. I also find child wearing helps us calm our younger son so it is ...
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Dr. Stephanie Anisko

I-Angel Hipseat Carrier Review By Dr. Stephanie Anisko

As a chiropractor, I treat many mothers and pregnant women. I am often asked for advice on baby carriers and which ones I find are comfortable for mom as well as ergonomic for the baby.  I was so excited to receive my I-Angel Hipseat Carrier and for the opportunity to review this ...
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