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Lori Barker

Personal Trainer and Mom

Bare Bums Creations Review By Lori Barker

The Bare Bums Creation blanket is well put together with an amazing gender neutral and fun colour scheme. I love the fact that these products are created with the environment in mind and are non-toxic, which is so important to me for my children. I was almost wishing my water ...
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Lipidol Review By Lori Barker

When I first received my Lipidol products, the first thing I noticed was the variety of colours and that the unique smells of each oil were very pleasant. There is a wide variety of products making Lipidol a full skin care line. Not to mention the products are extremely cost ...
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“My Kid Says The Darndest Things” Review by Lori Barker

Moms have great memories, but can’t always remember all of the details.  My Kid Says the Darndest Things serves as a written time stamp of all of the things we wish, as moms, we could remember, but can’t.  The cover of the book is colourful and inviting, which instantly caught ...
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TaLii Towels Review By Lori Barker

Oh My TaLii Towels!!  When first looking at TaLii Towels, I loved the variety of colours that were offered and I love their versatility. I am astounded by their ability to absorb so much for such a thin towel. They take up such little space in the washer and dryer ...
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